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Choose a prepaid gift card and make Christmas shopping simple

Have you checked your mobile in the past half hour? You’re not alone, as Australians check their phones on average more than 35 times a day, adding up to a nationwide total of 560 million times a day.

Do you use your mobile to browse shopping websites? One in four mobile users buy online using their smartphone at least once a month. Browsing a shopping website and researching a product or service are the most popular shopping related activities on a mobile.

As screen size and technology improves, more retailers are rolling out mobile friendly sites and the smartphone is increasingly becoming the device of choice for browsing and buying online. According to findings from Deloitte’s 2017 Mobile Consumer Survey(1), the number of Australians that browse online shopping sites on their mobiles has risen 14 per cent in the past year. Online purchases have increased by 25 per cent, driven by touchless technology and easier payment methods.

As mobile technology has fundamentally changed the way we shop, there is an increasing trend to last minute shopping that has impacted the way we buy gifts for Christmas.  Shoppers know that by going online, they can easily find and order what they’re looking for up until the last minute. And providing a solution in keeping with the trend are prepaid gift cards –  the perfect last-minute purchase.

Consumers can now leave their shopping until the last minute, knowing they can look to technology to solve their gift-buying, with a lot of December’s holiday shopping happening just before—and even after—Christmas. 

Consumer insights from analytics experts Think with Google highlight a trend that the days between Christmas and New Year’s Eve – the traditional Boxing Day sales – show an increase in searches for shopping queries such ‘finding store hours’ and ‘where to buy’ as shoppers look to redeem gift cards for their personally selected post-Christmas gift.

With instant access to information, consumers first look online before setting foot in a store.  They save time by doing personal research to inform their purchase decisions and expect to be able to find what they want, when they want it.

Whether you shop online or visit a store, or a combination of both, prepaid gift cards are the ideal gift for givers and receivers alike.

To take advantage of the savings at the Boxing Day sales this year, check out these tips for saving time and money with a prepaid gift card.

Tips for using your prepaid gift card for online or in-store shopping

  1. Check that your prepaid gift card can be used online. If your prepaid gift card is Mastercard or VISA it can be used online. If it is eftpos, it can only be used in-store.
  2. Check the expiry date. Don’t feel compelled to use Christmas gift cards right away at the Boxing Day sales. Check the expiry date first and set up a reminder in your phone to ensure you use a gift card before it expires. Gift cards may be better spent during the year as spur of the minute purchases made in the frenzy of the sales may not be a great use of your gift funds.
  3. Set a budget. It’s easy to overspend at a sale as when a product is discounted you tend to buy more than you need because you think you are saving money. Stick to a budget so you don’t regret your shopping spree.
  4. Make a list and focus on the products you want. Work out what you really want to avoid impulse purchases that you may later regret. Bargains are only worthwhile if they are what you want.
  5. Do your research. Use the internet to find great deals, compare prices and specials. Check the store’s online catalogue.
  6. Stretch the value of your gift cards. If you find a deep discount on something you really want at the Boxing Day sales, snap it up.
  7. Check the returns policy. Some will say ‘no refunds if you change your mind’ so be certain of what you want.
  8. Buy your Christmas items for next year. Christmas decorations, lights, cards, wrapping and more are usually heavily discounted so take the opportunity to stock up.
  9. Get in early. You can begin shopping online on Christmas Day. Many retailers start their Boxing Day sales online on December 25, usually with the same discounts you will find in-store the next day. If you decide to shop in-store on Boxing Day, go early to take advantage of doorbuster deals for early birds. If you don’t like the idea of queuing, stay home and order online.
  10. Remember to use the balance on your prepaid card. If you have any balance left after your shopping spree, remember to use it before the card expires.

Employees prefer prepaid gift cards for Christmas

Prepaid gift cards are the most appreciated employee reward.  Staff prefer receiving a prepaid gift card as an end of year bonus or thank you gift because they can use them for a gift of their choice or put the value towards something special they have been planning to buy.

A personalised prepaid gift card may be used numerous times until the balance is used up and each time it is used, your employees will be reminded it is a gift from your company.

Corporate Prepaid Gift Cards offer a variety of Christmas themed Mastercard, VISA and eftpos cards with a range of designs to suit all businesses. Place your order now for custom cards to be delivered in time for end of year.

You can personalise your cards with your company’s logo and design with Corporate Prepaid Gift Cards or choose from the range of Christmas and holiday themed cards on the website

Corporate Prepaid Cards offer the convenience of batching small runs of custom cards once your design is finalised. You can order up to 200 cards to be delivered within 10 business days.

Cards are ready for gifting in convenient card wallets that include details on how to activate the card, check the balance and view transactions online.

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The Deloitte 2017 Mobile Consumer Survey is a study of mobile phone users around the world and comprises more than 51,500 responses across 33 countries. Australian findings are based on a nationally representative sample of over 2000 consumers aged 18-75, polled online during May and June 2017.


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