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How are companies using wearables?

Territory and field teams for ease with expenses e.g. parking or coffee
List Points Icon Single-load or reloadable
List Points Icon Commission and other regular payments
List Points Icon Festivals and events to make it easy to buy drinks and food
List Points Icon Gym and membership groups to encourage sign up or membership renewal

Choosing the wearable option that’s right for your business.

A prepaid wearable can be:

  • Spent in-store anywhere contactless-enabled Mastercard is accepted
  • Single-load or reloadable
  • Any denomination up to $9,999
  • A band, or a keeper that can be attached to an existing watch or fitness band
  • Bundled with a card (for online purchases) linked to the one account

Why choose prepaid wearables for your business?

  • Provide your staff and customers the convenience of paying with a wave of their wrist.
  • Create a better user experience for your cardholders.
  • Reminds them of you every time they look at their wrist and/or use their wearable.

Why choose Corporate Prepaid Cards for your wearables?

  • Operating since 2005
  • Low cost
  • As with our suite of our Prepaid products:
  •       · Easy wearable program management. Order, load and tracking through our client portal.
  •       · Spending is limited to the funds loaded onto the wearable
  •       · 3-year expiry on reloadable wearables
  •       · Secure, pin required for purchases over $100
  •       · Customisable carrier letter
  •       · You can order any quantity.
  •       · Recipients can activate, check balances and view transactions easily on our cardholder website.

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