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How Prepaid Cards can take your loyalty marketing campaign to the next level in 2021


It’s a fact as old as time. Keep customers happy and they’ll keep returning. The responsibility rests on marketing teams to deliver effective loyalty campaigns that will successfully drive customer retention. No pressure, right?


As an attractive incentive offer, prepaid cards can help businesses enhance their marketing messages, leading to desired customer behaviour. Marketing goals right there!


Read on and find out how Corporate Prepaid Cards can take your loyalty marketing campaign to the next level in 2021.


Prepaid cards: The Perfect Incentive Offer for Marketing Campaigns

We are all aware customers want to feel special. Discounts and special offer codes can be generic, often losing their impact with customers. Meanwhile, prepaid cards can deliver a specific dollar amount which in turn helps the customer feel valued.


Still unsure how to use prepaid cards for marketing campaigns? Whatever the customer segment your campaign is targeting, here are some great promotional ideas where prepaid cards are the perfect incentive offer.

  • Promoting a new store location
  • Promoting seasonal campaigns like Christmas, Mother’s Day or Back to School
  • Encouraging customers to trial new products
  • Generating customer survey responses
  • Reconnect and engage with past customers


Corporate Prepaid Cards: Impact and Influence for Marketing Campaigns

Corporate Prepaid Cards offer versatile products in their range of different prepaid cards. Some of the features can include:

  • Strong brand reinforcement. Maximise brand awareness by customising the prepaid cards with your company logo. Create a lasting impression with customers and custom design the prepaid card for a specific marketing campaign.
  • More memorable than cash. Your brand becomes a constant reminder every time someone opens their wallet and sees the gift card.
  • Your customers will love them. They can use them anywhere Mastercard or Visa is accepted in over 37 million outlets online or instore.
  • Easy orderingvia our self-serve client portal.​
  • You can select any value to be loaded onto the card, up to $9,999 for Mastercard and Visa, and $999 for eftpos.
  • Low or no administration.We can take care of sending your prepaid


Corporate Prepaid Cards guarantee impact and influence for every marketing campaign.


Let’s take a closer look at how each of the different Corporate Prepaid Cards are suitable for your marketing objectives.


Zero Balance Prepaid Cards:

Trying to generate an immediate response from customers? Single load prepaid cards are an incentive offer with powerful influence. Having no value initially, funds can be loaded onto the Zero Balance prepaid card once desired customer behaviour is reached.


Offering Zero Balance prepaid funds can create greater impact than a traditional direct mail marketing campaign because it drives a faster call to action from customers.


Here’s a list of marketing objectives that your marketing team can successfully achieve from offering prepaid cards as customer loyalty incentive:

  • Drive urgency and need for time sensitive sales
  • Increase sales of new products
  • Increase repeat sales of existing products
  • Increase foot traffic for a new store location
  • Increase customer survey response rate
  • Increase additional information for customer database
  • Drive customer testimonials


Reloadable Prepaid Cards

There will always be loyal, long standing customers who deserve special rewards. Giving them customer recognition with a reloadable prepaid card will continually remind them how much they’re valued.


For ongoing loyalty programs such as a VIP scheme, reloadable prepaid cards can increase retailer or store preference. Customers will not only keep returning but you will be confident that their purchase patterns will also continue.


Virtual Prepaid Card

Looking to reach out to loyal customers who live in far, remote areas? Running a time-sensitive marketing campaign that requires an immediate incentive offer? Virtual Prepaid Cards can be organised securely and promptly through a self-serve client portal. Incentive cards for customers are ready to be delivered in no time.


Virtual Prepaid Cards can be sent to recipients in a customised email, providing quick and easy activation. Customers can then use them upon activation.


Get started today

Start rewarding your loyal customers with a specific dollar value, not generic discounts or promotional emails.


Offer them an attractive incentive with Corporate Prepaid Cards that will not only make your loyalty marketing campaign a success. Customers will keep returning, keep your brand as their preference, resulting in the desired outcome for your business.


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