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Save yourself time.
Shop THE entire Christmas gift list online, in one go


A one-stop gift shop, easy and fast
Personalise it by adding your company’s logo
Suitable for every Christmas budget
The Perfect Gift Solution

Benefits To Your Staff

No disappointment of useless or unwanted gifts
Ultimate flexibility to spend anywhere at anytime
Easy to check card balance and transactions, either online or by phone
Can use in any store Australia wide that accepts Mastercard, Visa or eftpos

Here’s why 300 out of 500 top companies use Corporate Prepaid Gift Card



A prepaid Visa, MasterCard or eftpos, not a credit card,you can only spend the allocated funds that has been loaded onto the card



Use anywhere Visa, MasterCard and eftpos cards are accepted – 25 million stores worldwide and online.Ultimate choice and flexibility for everyday spend



Your own card design, or your corporate logo on one of our 30 generic designs, or purely one of our generic designs – it’s your choice



Single-load (a disposable prepaid Visa, MasterCard or eftpos card which can only be used until the balance is spent) or reloadable Visa or MasterCard card (which can be topped up over and over again)



Simple, instant issuance as you don’t need a bank account or a 100 point check. No lengthy applications or approval process



Prepaid cards are the best and most attractive way to say ‘thank you’

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    customer service
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    brands Australia
    wide trust us
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Case Studies

Past & current car owners were sent a $100 branded eftpos card encouraging them to test drive a new model. Test drives jumped by 50%
Customers receive a $100 eftpos card with their renewal notice. If they renew, their gift card will be activated. Retention rate went up by 28%

I would just like to pass on my compliments re your customer service team. They are always on the ball and make dealing with Zenith payments a pleasure. In particular, Chloe Binen has been outstanding. She replies to emails and sorts issues out with lightning speed. I needed to cancel an order this morning due to a credit card failure and I received a reply saying it had been done in under 3 minutes from my initial email. Very impressive and appreciated. Congratulations to Zenith payments for fantastic service levels and wonderful customer service staff.

M.Steinhoff Asia Pacific, 19 February 2014

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