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PACCAR Parts & Fleetguard Cashback Program 2019

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Fleetguard $50 Cash Back Program

    The Promotional Period is from 1st July 2019 (starting at 8am) to 31st August 2019 (closing at 5pm).

    To be eligible for a cash back program, an Eligible Entrant must complete the following steps during the Promotional Period:

    • Purchase any combination of the eligible Fleetguard products for $500 incl. GST or over in one transaction and receive $50 Cash Back. The Fleetguard product/s must be purchased from an Authorised Dealer in Australia. “Authorised Dealer” means any Australian PACCAR dealership (as listed online at );

    • Submit an application via the Promotional Website at and upload an acceptable proof of purchase. Only a tax invoice with an Eligible Entrant’s contact details is considered an acceptable proof of purchase. A photo or a scanned copy of the tax invoice is sufficient.

    All valid claims must be received and finalised by 15th September 2019 (including provision of proof of purchase, with the date of purchase being during the Promotional Period).

    Only one claim is allowed during the Promotional Period so the maximum cash back value is $50.

    No, the Dealers cannot provide the cash back in any form. To be eligible for the $50 cash back, a participant needs to follow the steps described in Question 2.

    No, to be eligible for the $50 cash back, the eligible Fleetguard products valued at $500 incl. GST or over must be purchased in one transaction, being listed on one invoice.

    No, only a tax invoice is an acceptable proof of purchase. Please ask for a tax invoice at the time of purchase.

    The purchase can be made at any Authorised Dealer in Australia. “Authorised Dealer” means any Australian PACCAR dealership (as listed online at )

    The following Fleetguards products are eligible for the $50 cash back program:
    Part Number Description
    CC2867 PG Plus PREMIX – 1000 LTR
    CC2868 PG Plus PREMIX – 208 LTR
    CC2869 PG Plus PREMIX – 20LTR
    CC36084 PG PLATINUM – 20 LTR
    CC36085 PG PLATINUM – 208 LTR
    CC36086 PG PLATINUM – 1000 LTR
    AF1968M Air Filter
    AF1969M Air Filter
    AF351KM Air Filter
    AF887KM Air Filter
    AF25247 Air Filter
    AF879M Air Filter
    AF4664 Air Filter
    AF4878 Air Filter
    MK13555 MAINTENANCE KIT (LF14000NN X1 FF5776 X 1)
    MK13584 MAINTENANCE KIT (1 X LF14000NN / 1 X FF5776 / 1 X AS2474)
    MK13429 MAINTENANCE KIT (LF14000NN X 1 / FF2200 X 1)
    MK13082 MAINTENANCE KIT (1 X LF9039, 1 X FS1003, 1 X FF5488)
    MK13571 MAINTENANCE KIT (LF9039 X 1 / FF5488 X 1)
    MK13448 MAINTENANCE KIT (LF14000NN X 1 / FF5776 X 1 / FS19764 X 1)
    MK13992 MAINTENANCE KIT (FK13834 x1, FS19915 x1, LF17511 x1)
    MK11562 MAINTENANCE KIT (FK13834 x1, FS19915 x1, LF17511 x1)
    MK13907 MAINTENANCE KIT (FS19966 x 1, FF254 x 1, LF3973 x 2, LF17502 x 1)
    MK13034 MAINTENANCE KIT (LF3654 x 1, FF5507 x 1, LF3675 x 2)

    The $50 VISA card can be used anywhere in the world where VISA prepaid cards are accepted (online and in-store). It can be used multiple times to the value of $50.

    The $50 VISA card will be dispatched up to 12 weeks from the date of validation of your claim.

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