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FAQ | Prepaid EFTPOS Cards

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Q. I’ve been given a MyPrepaidCard. How does it work?

The MyPrepaidCard is a prepaid or stored-value eftpos Gift Card that carries a certain amount of spending power. Each time the card is used to make a purchase, the purchase amount is deducted from the card’s available balance. Once its value has been exhausted, it can not be used for more purchases.

Q. Where can the card be used? Where can it not be used?

MyPrepaidCard can be used in any store in Australia with an eftpos terminal. Eftpos cards cannot be used overseas, online, over the phone or at ATMs.

Q. Are there any fees for using the card or checking its balance?

No monthly account fees
No inactive card fees
No fee to check your balance over the phone

Q. Can I use the card to get cash from an ATM?

No. Sorry, MyPrepaidCard cannot be used at an ATM.

Q. If a merchant asks me “Credit, Cheque or Savings?” and “Sign or PIN?” how should I answer?

Please select the “savings” account option and enter the PIN shown on the back of the card.

Q. What if the value of the purchase I want to make is greater than the value / balance on the card?

If the purchase amount exceeds the balance, you must pay the excess amount using another payment method. (E.g Cash, credit card) acceptable to the merchant.

Q. What if the value of the purchase I want to make is less than the value / balance on the card?

Only the exact value of your purchase will be deducted from the balance on the card, so you can use the card for more purchases later. No change will be given.

Q. Why might a proposed transaction using MyPrePaidCard be declined?

There are several possibilities:

1. The amount of the purchase exceeds the available balance.
2. Your card has expired
3. You have entered the incorrect PIN number
4. Reserved funds have not yet been released
5. Some stores do not accept eftpos cards like MyPrepaidCards

Q. How can I check the balance – the value left on the card?

By visiting or by phoning the number shown on the card. Merchants can not do a balance enquiry through their point-of-sale system.

Q. Can I see a list of purchase transaction made with the card?

Yes – by visiting

Q. Do I have to remember a PIN?

No, your PIN is printed on the back of the card.

Q. Can I reload my MyPrepaidCard with more spending power?


Q. What happens if I need to return an item to the merchant?

Each merchant has its own policy about accepting returned items. If a merchant does accept the return of goods purchased with a prepaid card, then the merchant can process a negative transaction so the spending power of the card is restored. However such credits are not immediate – please check your transaction history on

Q. Does the card have an expiry date?

Yes. It will expire on the date shown on the back of the card. This means that most cards have a life of 12 months.

Q. What happens if there are still funds on the card when it expires?

Whatever value is left on the card after its expiry will not be available to you. We encourage you to use your card before it expires.

Q. What should I do if MyPrepaidCard is lost or stolen?

You should treat your gift card as if it were cash. You are responsible for the safe keeping of your gift card and we do not replace lost or stolen cards.

Q. What are the terms and conditions of using these cards?

Please see the terms and conditions here –

Q. My company wants to buy prepaid cards as incentives for its employees, what should I do?

Please phone 1300 181 032 and ask for the gift card sales department.

Q. What do other clients use MyPrepaidCards for?

Our clients use gift cards for cashbacks or other “thank you” gestures to their customers perhaps for referring new customers. Also as gifts, rewards, prizes or incentives for their employees, re-sellers, survey respondents etc.

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