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10 reasons why Corporate Gift Cards make the best employee reward


An appreciated employee is a happy one. Acknowledging exceptional job performance through employee awards and recognition not only makes employees feel valued and appreciated, it can also create job satisfaction and happiness. The business benefits include increased work productivity, employee retention and a positive work environment.


The challenge is finding the perfect corporate gift that all employees will love to receive rather than have it turn into landfill waste. Corporate Gift Cards are the preferred corporate gift, giving recipients the freedom to buy what they want so there’s no unwanted gifts.


Here’s our 10 compelling reasons why Corporate Gift Cards make the best employee rewards. ​


Employees love gift cards

Corporate Gift Cards are the preferred employee reward.

A card recipient survey found that 44% of respondents agreed that gift cards are their “favourite type of gift to receive.” Five times as many of the respondents also revealed that when offered a prepaid card or cash equivalent, they would choose the prepaid card.


Ultimate choice and flexibility.

Corporate gift catalogues typically provide limited choices. Generic corporate branded merchandise holds little or no personal value.

Corporate Gift Cards for employees can be used anywhere that accepts Mastercard, Visa or eftpos. Give them the gift of choice, with the opportunity to buy whatever they like from wherever they choose.


More powerful and memorable than cash or store cards.

Corporate Gift Cards are meaningful and personal, creating greater impact and a lasting impression for recipients.

Unlike cash rewards that simply absorb into general funds and paying bills, prepaid cards can be used for special occasions. Recipients can spend their gift cards on luxury purchases or self-indulgence.


Customise with your brand logo or a full custom design.

Designing Corporate Gift Cards with your brand or company logo creates a powerful impact for your colleagues. Rather than cash, a customised card is far more memorable to the recipient.

A full custom designed Corporate Gift Card for employees can create an even stronger effect. Whenever they open their wallet, there’s a personal reminder of the awesome organisation they’re proudly part of.


Perfect for any budget.

Stop wasting precious company budget on unwanted corporate gifts. When congratulating employees for significant achievements or once in a lifetime work milestone, single-load prepaid cards are the perfect solution.

Simply choose a load value that’s suited to the corporate gift budget. For VISA and Mastercard, cards can be loaded up to the value of $9,999 or $999 for eftpos.


Buy now and pay later with Zero Balance prepaid cards.

For fast paced working environments in customer service or hospitality, exceptional job performance can unintentionally go unnoticed. This could leave employees disgruntled and undervalued.

Zero Balance prepaid cards always make sure you’re always prepared with a corporate gift card for employees when they excel in their work duties.

Zero Balance prepaid cards allow you to order cards to have on hand ready for a staff reward as there are only upfront costs and set up fees when ordering. Funds don’t need to be loaded until the time of employee recognition.


Reach out and incentivise staff working from home or in remote areas with Virtual Prepaid Mastercard

Working from home is an option throughout many organisations, offering flexibility for employees. Offering roles that permit remote work also opens opportunities to recruit exceptional talent who live interstate or rural areas.

So how do you break the distance barriers and still be able to promptly reward employees? Virtual Prepaid Mastercard can be sent directly to employees via email, promptly recognising their efforts and accomplishments. Employees simply activate their card online and use immediately.


Pay commissions and other recurring rewards with Reloadable Prepaid Cards

Reloadable Prepaid Cards can easily be topped up via Corporate Prepaid Card’s self-serve online portal, making it a convenient and reliable solution for rewarding colleagues with sales commissions or customer service incentives.

With Reloadable Prepaid Cards, your teams will stay motivated and keep smashing their targets and quotas.


Save time and admin time looking for the perfect corporate gift for employees.

How do you make corporate gifts thoughtful and personal yet making sure they will be suitable for all employees across the board? Searching the perfect corporate gift can be an admin headache and use up valuable office resources.

Corporate Gift Cards will be the right gift for every employee every time.  95% of employees agree that prepaid gift cards are their preferred staff reward.


Say goodbye to wasted budget on unwanted gifts

Why waste corporate budget on giving your valuable employees unwanted gifts? It happens too often, leading to unhappy staff who feel underappreciated.


Corporate Prepaid Cards let employees buy whatever they want, whenever and from wherever. Giving your hardworking colleagues the freedom of choice, making the Corporate Prepaid Card a priceless and memorable reward.


Corporate Prepaid Card is the leading provider of prepaid cards in Australia. With prompt delivery, excellent customer service and no activation fees, over 3,000 brands Australia wide trust us.


Get your quote today to ensure your staff are promptly rewarded with their preferred corporate gift. Every time.


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