Incentivise & reward your customers & employees with Prepaid Gift Cards

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Prepaid eftpos Cards are pre-loaded with money on them, ready to use upon activation. They can be spent in any store in Australia. Complete flexibility for everyday spending, with a $1,000 limit. What makes Prepaid eftpos Cards unique is their outstanding designs. Whether you request to showcase your corporate logo or one of our generic card designs, we provide you with freedom of choice. Prepaid eftpos Cards are an amazing gift idea! Corporate Prepaid Gift Cards are the best prepaid cards in Australia! They are certainly the best way to say “thank you”, so get one yourself today and enjoy all of its perks.


The eftpos Gift Card is simple. There are no lengthy applications or approval processes and you don’t need a bank account or a 100 point check to use them. Look no further than Corporate Prepaid Gift Cards for a quick and budget friendly way to personalise your corporate eftpos Gift Cards. Talk to our expert staff for a bespoke solution tailored to your business.


Accepted Australia-wide in any
store with eftpos facilities
Branding and customisation
Perfect for everyday spending
No hidden costs – MyPrepaidCards
do not have any additional fees
Quick to market with quality
card designs available
The everyday gift card