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Digital Prepaid Mastercard®

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Digital Prepaid MastercarD®

A prepaid Mastercard that is delivered same-day via SMS, ready for your recipient to add to their preferred phone wallet.

What is a Digital Prepaid Mastercard?

  • Same day delivery* to the recipient’s mobile phone via SMS.
  • Choose from 6 card designs.
    Accompanied with personalised message.
  • Can be used instore and online.

    Anywhere Mastercard Prepaid Cards are accepted.

  • Convenient

    The card is stored securely in the phone, ready to use.

  • Card options to suit your needs.
    Available as a:
    • Single Load Digital Card
    • Reloadable Digital Card
    • Dual Reloadable (Digital + Plastic) Card Package linked to the same account.
  • No minimum order quantity or value.
    Load up to $4,999 on single load Digital Cards and $9,999 on reloadable Digital Cards.
  • Easy ordering.
    via our self-serve portal.
*Upon receipt of payment.

When you should use a digital prepaid Mastercard?


Single load

  • Memorable lifetime employee recognition gifts i.e. company tenure milestones, high achievement awards.
  • Perfect for on spot employee rewards and recognition.
  • Great as a budgeting tool for specific project expenses.

Dual Reloadable Digital and Plastic Prepaid Card:

  • Perfect option for recipients who need access to funds from both their phone wallet and a plastic card, using the same account.


  • Convenient and secure for monthly sales commissions.
  • Great alternative to petty cash and for incidental out of pocket office expenses.
  • Fast and paperless reimbursement process for business expenses.
  • Persuasive ongoing customer incentives to achieve desired behaviour i.e. increase brand loyalty or encourage retailer preference.

Benefits of Digital Prepaid Mastercard for your recipients

  • User-friendly app. Allowing easy card activation, adding to Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Google Pay wallets with instant access to check balance.
  • The digital wallet Mastercard is securely stored in the recipient’s phone, ready to use at any time.
  • Recipients can use their Digital Prepaid Mastercard wherever Mastercard Prepaid cards are accepted, instore and online. With over 37 million locations where Mastercard is accepted, the Digital Prepaid Mastercard provides endless choice.
  • The efficient CVV (Card Verification Value) reveal feature on the Digital Mastercard enables hassle-free online purchases.

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    Want to send a prepaid card to recipients who do not have a smart phone or prefer not to use it for Tap and Pay?

    Send a Virtual Prepaid Mastercard via email, ready to use anywhere online that accepts Mastercard Prepaid Cards.

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