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Beat the workplace winter blues with a Yulefest celebration

Does your workplace celebrate winter? Avoid the lethargy of the winter blues with a celebration to motivate staff, mark the end of the financial year and appreciate your employees’ hard work and dedication.

Plan a mid-winter boost to staff morale with a Yulefest or Mid-Winter Yule and make July a reminder to plan for end of year business targets and order your prepaid cards as holiday bonus gifts for staff!

The short days and long nights of mid-winter can have an adverse impact on staff and recognising this is an opportunity for a company get-together to have some fun. Celebrate the end of one financial year and the beginning of another, and remember, it is also the time for planning your end of year incentives.

Australian workplaces are culturally diverse so choose your mid-winter event to be inclusive of all staff by celebrating the coldest month of the year. Research demonstrates that organisations that manage cultural diversity well are likely to have an advantage, with outcomes including greater employee commitment and team performance, larger market share and improved customer and client satisfaction.

How can mid-winter be a time for celebration? The emphasis is on diversity so get everyone involved! Our top five suggestions:

  • Pick a wintery theme

Themes for mid-winter events should cater for all staff so they are accepted as a unifying activity. Brainstorm a theme with staff, or think about Winter Wonderland, Yulefest, Mid-Winter Yule, Winter Masquerade, Sunday Funday.

  • Decorate in theme

Decorate in theme or if there is no theme, keep décor non-specific, with universally enjoyed decorations such as balloons, candles and flowers. (No Santas or Christmas trees).

  • Involve the teams

Get staff involved in the planning so they feel part of the celebration. Inclusion is encouraging and a positive experience for staff.

  • Make it family friendly

Consider a family-themed event like a mid-winter picnic or visit to a theme park that involves staff and extended families to appeal to everyone on the staff.

  • Plan for end of year

Everyone is different and everyone likes to choose their own gift. When you are thinking about recognising staff for their work, the ideal bonus is a prepaid card. It has the inbuilt advantage of being able to use the card at retailers all over the world so it is easy for the recipient to choose their own perfect gift.

A study by the Network Branded Prepaid Card Association reports that for recipients, a key feature of a prepaid card is being given the ability to choose a perfect gift for themselves.

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