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Incentivise employees to get the COVID-19 vaccine

COVID vaccine incentive

As the COVID-19 vaccination rollout gradually progresses, state governments are encouraging employers to “incentivise” their employees to get vaccinated.


According to state based work health and safety laws, all businesses and workers are to comply with public health directions regarding social distancing and hygiene measures. The vaccination is not mandatory. However, it is the most effective way to for employees to protect themselves as well as their fellow colleagues, clients and customers from COVID-19.


Prepaid Cards are an ideal incentive for employees and workers to get the jab. With its flexibility and ease of use, 95% of employees agree that a Prepaid Card is the preferred reward method from their employer.


Selecting the Right Prepaid Card to Incentivise your Team

When setting up an employee incentive program, it’s vital to find the right prepaid card that brings impact and helps achieve desired behaviour.


The ideal prepaid gift card for employees:

  • Ensures quick delivery to employees, regardless of distance
  • Suits the company budget
  • Is appreciated by all staff
  • Offers immediate use by recipients
  • Gives staff the freedom of choice on what to buy and when


Meeting all the above criteria, Corporate Prepaid Cards holds a range of products that will suit any requirements. Each type of prepaid will help your organisation reach its goals towards a COVID-19 safe workplace.


Virtual Prepaid Mastercards – The Perfect Reward

A Virtual Prepaid Mastercard is the perfect incentive for your staff doing their part to help ensure your business is COVID-19 safe.


Delivered directly to your employee’s email inbox, the Virtual Prepaid Mastercard allows employees to arrange their vaccinations in a timely manner. They will appreciate the immediate recognition for their efforts.


For employees who work from home or live in remote, rural areas, the Virtual Prepaid Mastercard ensures that distance is not an obstacle. Their work contribution is recognised with the same promptness.


Card activation is simple, allowing your employees to use their reward immediately. They can shop online, anywhere that accepts Mastercard.


Single Load Prepaid Cards – The Memorable Reward

Available in EFTPOS, Visa, and Mastercard, Single Load Plastic Prepaid Cards are a great option to reward staff for one-off work achievements or special tenure milestones.


Prepaid gift cards can be presented either with a generic design or customised with the company or brand logo.


Employees will receive their prepaid card with appreciation but will always remember why they received it, creating positive affiliations with their employer.


Zero Balance Prepaid Card – The Desired Reward

Order now, load later. Available as VISA or Mastercard, this prepaid card has no funds loaded initially.  Funds can be loaded once the desired behaviour is achieved.


When it comes to encouraging employees to get the jab, employers can send employees a Zero Balance Prepaid Card with no funds on the card. Once employees confirm they received the COVID-19 vaccination, funds can be loaded onto the employee’s prepaid card.


Why Staff Love Prepaid Cards

Beyond standard catalogue items or corporate merchandise, Corporate Prepaid Cards provide employees flexibility and freedom of choice.


Prepaid cards are the best staff incentive because:


  • Employees will feel appreciated and acknowledged, knowing they made a work contribution when getting vaccinated.
  • With 37 million stores worldwide and online that accept Mastercard and Visa, employees have the ultimate shopping experience.
  • Unlike cash rewards that dissolve in household expenses or utility bills, employees can keep aside their prepaid gift card for special occasions or moments of self-indulgence.


Why Employers Love Prepaid Cards

Corporate Prepaid Cards can help encourage employees to make prompt decisions to get vaccinated and returning to the office.


The employee recognition gift gives them certainty that they will be doing the right thing by their workplace and the general community at large. Letting your business and the economy get back on track.


Easy to order and quick in delivery, Corporate Prepaid Cards are a proven powerful motivation tool.


Employers are able to:

  • Select from our range or create your own designcard
  • Promptly send the Corporate Prepaid Card in a customised email or physical card to employees.
  • Choose desired quantity or value.
  • Securely deliver to employees instantly.
  • Low or no administration costs when sending individually or in bulk. We take care of the delivery for you.
  • Order with ease via our self-serve client portal.​



Rewarding staff doesn’t need to be hard or expensive. Corporate Prepaid Cards not only makes it easy. Your employees will receive a reward they will actually appreciate and happily use. Helping your business return to normal and COVID-19 safe.


Get in touch with us today to order the right Corporate Prepaid Card staff reward for your team.


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