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Innovative digital technology sets the trend in tap and pay card payments

Quick, easy, convenient and approved with a tick – customers take pleasure in the instant authorisation of tap and pay technology when using a prepaid card!

The feel-good tick symbol

What is it about a tick that provides a feel-good moment for users of tap and pay cards? We all like approval, and the quick tick is psychologically an affirmative symbol, indicating success – yes, true, correct or confirmed.

The truth of the mark

The tick symbol is believed to be an adaptation of the letter ‘V’, a shortened form of the Latin word ‘veritas’, meaning ‘truth’. It was likely to have been first used 2000 years ago and over time, as people started writing more quickly, the right side became elongated. Now used as a universally recognised mark in the English-speaking world, the tick symbol has become an everyday marketing device.

The value of the Nike swoosh

Even the Nike ‘swoosh’ is an adaptation of the tick symbol. The most recognisable brand logo in the world is valued at $26 billion.

Contactless is preferred

There were millions of payment terminal ticks in 2017 as Australians made 325.4 million contactless payments, a 26% rise on 2016, making contactless payments the preferred payment method in over 90% of purchases in Australia, including prepaid cards.

Growing trend to cards

The growing popularity of digital payments including tap and pay technology shows the innovative technology is leading the trend into a cashless society and influencing the way Australians pay.

Innovative technology

When you tap at the payment terminal and wait only seconds for the tick, you take for granted the embedded chip using near-field communication (NFC) to transmit information to the POS terminal.  Prepaid cards from Visa payWave and Mastercard PayPass feature the same NFC technology as credit cards adding to their convenience and ease of use.

If the card has a specified value, it can be used as part-payment up to a limit of $100 during purchase at a contactless terminal.

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