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Introducing the Digital Prepaid Mastercard

Long gone are the days of carrying around a heavy brick-like device. As mobile phone technology continues to evolve, Australians are increasingly relying their phone for many and varied reasons.  


The Australian Communications and Media Authority recently reported that a significant 92% of Australians access the internet through their smartphones. Emailing, social media, banking and shopping are some of the main daily online activities. 


With people taking advantage of the easy access and immediate use that the internet provides, leading organisations are acknowledging the need to reward staff through online gift cards. In a recent survey, the Incentives Research Foundation indicated that gift cards saw a 33% increase as the main employee incentive, overriding cash rewards and merchandise. 


Introducing the Digital Prepaid Mastercard: 

Happy employees equals great productivity which, in turn is great news for company profitability. When surveyed, 85% of employees stated they were more motivated when there was an incentive.  


The Digital Prepaid Mastercard will keep your employees motivated, knowing they’re your appreciated for their great work. They immediately receive their incentive directly to their phone via SMS. It’s the perfect solution for employee rewards, incentives, commission payments, ‘thank you’ gifts and so much more. 


How does Digital Prepaid Mastercard work?   

Sending Digital Prepaid Mastercard is simple. Most of all, it’s convenient.  

Employees receive the Digital Prepaid Mastercard directly to their phone as a text message. The prepaid card is then ready to be added to their Phone Wallet – Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay. Card activation is instant. Lucky recipients can conveniently use their card anywhere Mastercard prepaid cards are accepted instore and online.  


A Card to suit all needs:  

We know that one card can’t meet all business needs. The Digital Mastercard is available in three different types so you have the perfect employee recognition gift for your staff. 


Single Load Digital Card 

Ideal for special one-time occasions like company tenure milestones or a “thank you” gift.  


Reloadable Digital (only) Card 

Sales commission payments can easily be loaded onto a Reloadable Digital Mastercard.  


Reloadable Digital Card and Plastic Card 

Give your team the added convenience and peace of mind of having both a Digital Card that they can use directly from their phone as well as a plastic card. Both are linked to the same account. 



Why you and your recipients will enjoy Digital Prepaid Cards 

The Digital Prepaid Mastercard is convenient as well as easy to order. For your recipients, they will love being able to instantly receive and use their incentives straight from their phone.  


Why businesses love Digital Prepaid Mastercards: 

  • Whether your staff are in the office, work remotely or constantly on the road, you can instantly send their prepaid card via SMS. 
  • Choose one of our 6 designs.  
  • Ordering has never been easier. Our self-serve ordering portal allows you to send personalised individual messages or multiple recipients. All done in a matter of minutes. 
  • Great for any budget, you can load up to $4,999 per Single Load Digital Card or up to $9,999 per Reloadable Digital Card. 


Why recipients love Digital Prepaid Mastercards: 

  • They can use their Digital Mastercard anywhere Mastercard is accepted instore and online. Endless choice. 
  • Our user-friendly app allows recipients to easily activate, check their balance and transactionsand securely add it to their phone wallet – Apply Pay, Samsung or Google Pay. 
  • The easy CVV reveal feature within our app allows secure online purchases. 
  • Conveniently stored in their phone, recipients can just tap and pay instead of having to take out their wallet. 


Keep employees happy and motivated with Digital Prepaid Mastercard 

Your employees are your organisation’s most valuable asset. Keeping them happy means increased work productivity, making a positive impact on your business. 


The Digital Prepaid Mastercard will be the preferred employee recognition gift by your team because they will be able to use it straight away from the convenience on their phone. They will also be able to spend it anywhere Mastercard is accepted, instore and online giving them the ultimate shopping experience.  


The Digital Prepaid Mastercard is a great incentive for employees who use their phone to Tap and Pay. 


Wish to gift employees who don’t have smart phones or prefer not to have card information on their phone? Our Virtual Prepaid Mastercard, sent instantly via email, is the perfect incentive! Employees can use them anywhere Mastercard prepaid cards are accepted online. 


Contact our friendly and locally based sales team to find out more about our new and exciting Digital Prepaid Mastercard. They can also help you with other prepaid card solutions for your business.  


Call 1300 181 032 or drop us a line at [email protected]. 


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