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Turn your Leads into sales this Christmas

How to Turn your Leads into Sales this Christmas

It’s that time of the year again – Christmas is coming towards us at a rapid pace. Every year we wonder what to buy as a memorable gift for our clients. How much to spend? How do we get cut through? Do they even like it? Staying top of mind in a positive way is incredibly important.

The truth is, Christmas is a great excuse to build stronger relationships with current clients via gifting or entertainment. It can also be utilised as a time to focus on customer acquisition. That customer lurking in the shadows, almost ready to buy your products – this could be the perfect sweetener the get them over the line at exactly the right time.

The perfect gift
Your brand should have the opportunity to be at the forefront of your customer’s mind throughout the Christmas period. How do you do this? A Mug, Mousepad, Christmas Hamper, Fidget Spinner? Or how about a fancy night out with suppliers you don’t really have anything in common with? Where is the best place to get Christmas gift ideas from anyway?

Being thoughtful
You should view this Christmas gifting experience as more than simply a transaction. It is best to be thoughtful and take the time to consider what your customers really want in this scenario. At times, however, being thoughtful and considering what your client would really like is a torturous and often fruitless cause. If they are stylish it’s hard to know what to pick and, if they are a health nut, exactly which foods do they want to eat/not want to eat? Alcohol may seem easy but that’s just the tip of the iceberg – and what about those clients who don’t drink?

One thing is for sure – everyone would love some extra money to do with as they please. But a cash gift can get lost, forgotten and is impersonal in many ways.

The perfect solution
A prepaid Mastercard, Visa card or eftpos gift card can answer these problems. Your clients can choose what to do with the money. As they pull the card out of their wallet, they will have a smile on their face as they remember you and your kind gesture. Positive brand recognition all round.

Corporate Prepaid Gift Cards has a great range of generic Mastercard, Visa and eftpos cards to choose from. You can also fully customise the card and get your own logo/branding printed on the card for maximum positive brand recognition. It is a gift you can be sure that your clients will love.

The visual image of the card in their wallet may be enough for them to keep coming back to you for work, tell others all about you and give positive reviews. The amount spent on that gift will be quadrupled with the amount of positive reinforcement, brand value and customer relationship building it will provide. Give your clients a gift they will use over time and they will remember you for longer.

Forget the cards and wrap
Even Christmas cards are expensive in themselves. You can even offer a Christmas Mastercard, Visa or eftpos card in a professionally designed Christmas wallet. Here you can write your personalised message to wish them well over the holiday season. There is no need to by extra cards or gift wrap. And the team at Corporate Prepaid Gift Cards can organise the cards to be sent directly to your client via Australia Post or registered mail – saving you time and effort.

Keeping it up throughout the year
Gifting shouldn’t just only be at Christmas. Think about other times throughout the year you can thank your clients with a Prepaid Mastercard, Prepaid Visa card or prepaid eftpos card. Birthdays, anniversaries with your company, or adhoc gifts related to known events such as a new baby or other hallmark days.

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