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Take advantage of special travel deals for a northern hemisphere Christmas holiday

Take a break from the traditional Australian Christmas – hot, hectic and hurried. It’s time to plan an overseas holiday with a getaway that’s cool, calm and Christmassy.

The cost of local holidays skyrockets during the Christmas season, so take a look at these tips to try a winter holiday away from the heat and the endless challenge of finding a car park at the crowded shops.

Check out these eight suggestions for planning a Christmas holiday with all the magical traditions of a northern hemisphere Christmas.

  1. Search for deals and book early. Cheap deals get snapped up early so start thinking about your holiday now. You can book online using a prepaid card.

  2. Confirm your annual leave arrangements. Before you book your holiday, apply for your annual leave and get your employer’s approval.

  3. Check your passport validity. If you plan an overseas trip, you need at least six months validity beyond the completion date of your trip. Apply for a renewal if your passport expires sooner. It takes at least three weeks to process once you have submitted all the relevant documentation. In emergencies, the Passport Office has a priority service and will process your passport in two days for an additional fee of $178.

  4. Look for a package deal. Choose a bundled package which can include flights, accommodation or cruise and some activities. Package prices fluctuate with the season, but you’ll save valuable time and energy instead of researching travel and accommodation separately.

  5. Fly on an off-peak day for cheaper flights. Most people want to arrive at their destination before Christmas Day, so flights are most expensive during the week before Christmas. Try flying on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day for bargain fares. You may have to pay a public holiday surcharge on public transport or for taxis once you reach your destination.

  6. Celebrate a winter Christmas. Look at European d