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Top 5 gifts a boss can give their employees

As the famous adage goes, “You’re only as good as your team.” With the festive season around the corner, reward your hardworking staff with something special and unique. Here’s our top five gifts a boss can give their employees.


A great gadget gift can be something your staff had on their wish list but don’t feel the need to buy it themselves. With so many different devices out in the market, it’s best to consider a device that will not only be cool but practical and versatile.

Waterproof, dustproof and shockproof, the UE Wonderboom Portable Bluetooth Speaker ticks all the boxes as a fun, useful gift.

With its exceptional sound quality, the speaker is ideal for teams who need a little background music to break up the monotony of a dead quiet office.


Studies have found that happiness results in a 12 percent spike in employee productivity. In contrast, unhappy employees saw a 10 percent drop to the average worker. It’s no wonder more and more companies are promoting health and wellbeing in the workplace.

The Homedics Tru-Heat Foot Spa is the perfect pampering solution for either home or in the office. With a built-in heater to maintain the perfect water temperature it also caters for larger feet (Mens size 12!). Staff from all walks of life can sit back, relax and simply soak.


 In every company, there will be a stationary nerd. Someone whose source of motivation comes from a notebook’s fresh, clean page instead of a computer screen.

While the world is going paperless, research shows that the good ol’ pen and paper boosts creativity and inspiration. Also, there are less distractions, there are no email notifications popping up in a journal!

The Montblanc Fine Stationery Notebook brings back the joy in handwriting ideas and important thoughts. Its Italian calfskin leather cover and silver-edged pages make it a small yet extravagant employee gift.


For long-term employees who are now unenthused by the regular gifts of previous years, an experience is a great alternative. It can also boost morale while creating new, exciting conversations and engagement in the office. Giving the gift of an experience – especially one that’s adrenaline charged – encourages employees (and their family) to step out of their comfort zone and be adventurous.

With no particular fitness level required, Indoor Skydiving is the next best thing to a tandem skydive.

The flight chamber is powered by multiple fans located at the top, creating a vertical wind tunnel. The wall-to wall air flow lifts above ground, just like they’re freefalling from the skies!

Corporate Prepaid Card

More appealing than a common gift voucher or straight-forward cash reward, the Corporate Prepaid Card is a powerful way to let staff know how much they’re appreciated.

You can either select a generic design, have the company logo or fully customise a Mastercard or Visa card to make your gift standout for each staff member.

The Corporate Prepaid Card takes the stress out of choosing individual presents. Instead, the gift card will be appreciated by your entire staff. It gives them the freedom of how they want to use it – especially when picking up a bargain during the Boxing Day sales!

To ensure Christmas delivery for your staff, sign up at or call 1300 181 032 by 10th of December

 More than just a gift

 When it comes to your business, the positive impact of giving back to your staff cannot be underestimated.  

 A recent survey conducted by The Knack, a bespoke gifting company for businesses, discovered that 94 percent of CEOs believe that personal relationships are important to business success. From an employee’s perspective, 77 percent said that a gift made them feel appreciated.

If you’re overwhelmed with what to get your staff members this year, here’s some questions to help determine the ideal employee gift:  

  • Does it incentivize and reward my employees?
  • Is it thoughtful? (Can I even customise it?)
  • Is it useful but also fun?
  • Will it help me build a rapport with my staff?
  • Will it last long after Christmas?

Choosing a gift that stands out will undoubtedly be a worthwhile investment. Not only will it be memorable but will also keep everyone dedicated and motivated. Let’s face it: You can’t put a price on staff retention and loyalty.


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