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All I want for Christmas from my employer… is a prepaid card

As the traditional song says: ‘I don’t want a lot for Christmas. There’s just one thing I need…’.  Today’s employees just want to choose their own gifts!  Whatever significant days your business acknowledges and celebrates, gift giving can be part of the occasion. Corporates wanting to recognise and appreciate their staff and clients are increasingly choosing prepaid cards as a corporate gift. 

The 2017 Corporate Gift IQ Survey by Incentive Magazine shows cards are regarded as the ‘best gift’ by recipients and have become the most frequently used corporate gift, included in up to 60% of programs. Research shows that recipients rate cards as the most popular of all gifts, the gift that is always appreciated!

With Christmas in July being adopted by workplaces as a fun social event to motivate employees, it is the perfect occasion to reflect end of financial year results that can include showing appreciation to staff. What better way to celebrate a great year’s results and reward your staff than with a bonus prepaid card?

Show your staff they are valued by planning a Yulefest event for July, a fun way for staff to get together at the beginning of the new financial year and plan to reward them with a prepaid card to show you recognise their efforts.

Now is the time to set the date for end of year functions and budget for an end of year bonus for staff as well as gifts for clients. Selecting prepaid cards for staff and clients saves both time and money. The best gift is always the gift you choose yourself and with prepaid corporate cards, your staff will thank you for giving them the luxury of gift selection as an appreciation of their work and dedication.

Order your corporate cards in time for end of year functions and presentations. Brand name and personalisation are important, so early ordering means you can have your own branding on the cards.  You will be top of mind every time your staff or clients use your branded prepaid card.

Corporate Prepaid Cards offer a variety of generic Mastercard, Visa and eftpos cards from Santa to Christmas Trees, ‘Season’s Greetings’ to ‘Happy Holidays’, there is a range of designs to suit all businesses. You may prefer to personalise your cards with your company’s logo and with Corporate Prepaid Cards you can fully customise the design artwork. Make it your own special gift to your staff and clients. View the range of Christmas cards on the website

Your staff will feel valued and have an additional incentive to meet budget goals when they know they will be rewarded with a prepaid card. When a personalised card is used, it is recognised as an ongoing gift as it may be used numerous times until the balance is used up.

Place your order now for custom cards to be designed and delivered in time for your corporate functions at end of year. Corporate Prepaid Cards also offer the convenience of batching small runs of custom cards so once your design is finalised, you can order up to 200 cards to be delivered within 10 business days.

Cards are presented ready for gifting in convenient card wallets, including details on how to activate the card, check the balance and view transactions online.

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