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Assisting Aged Care Facilities in their time of need

Assisting aged care

Assisting Aged Care Facilities in their time of need

We are truly grateful for the aged care nurses, carers and administrators and their commitment in keeping our elderly family members safe and protected. Often at the risk of their own health and wellbeing.

The heavy responsibilities aged workers currently face cannot be undermined. We can, however, assist aged care facilities in their time of need. Offer solutions to make aged care administrators’ job easier.

Token of Gratitude

We understand that while taking on additional duties, aged care workers are expected to also stay confident and calm as they keep patients comfortable and safe.

Working through extra rostered shifts and undertaking further training for precautionary measures on health and safety procedures, infection and pandemic control, including personal safety equipment, the aged care industry faces the challenge of ensuring staff are physically and mentally resilient.

Prepaid cards are an ideal solution to not only incentivise aged care staff but to also acknowledge and reward them for their commitment. To thank them for tirelessly working above and beyond.

Proven to be the preferred form of reward by employees, Corporate Prepaid Cards incentivise staff and help them feel appreciated. 95% of card recipients remember what they did to earn their reward and how they spent it.

In trying times like these, a small token of gratitude goes a long way.

Making Daily Tasks Easier

With the government providing strong advice for seniors over 70 to stay at home, we realise that aged care workers are assigned with additional tasks such as grocery shopping, pharmaceutical pickups and other medicinal needs.

Prepaid Cards can be a useful tool for aged care workers in their daily work routine. They can:

  • Enable staff to make purchases on behalf of residents who cannot leave their premises
  • Allow staff to incur minor business expenses without the concerns for overspending
  • Allow staff to make urgent purchases for their patients
  • Provide a hygienic alternative to cash with ‘tap and pay’ contactless purchases
  • Eliminate additional paperwork for aged care administrators, freeing up time to concentrate on pressing tasks
  • Encourage the families of residents to provide their loved ones with a thoughtful gesture. Cards can be customised with a family photo to add a personal touch and bring back happy memories

How Does a Prepaid Card Work?

A prepaid card is a VISA, Mastercard or eftpos card with money preloaded onto the card. They can be used at 37 million stores worldwide and online anywhere Mastercard or VISA is accepted. Eftpos cards can be used anywhere in Australia that accepts eftpos.

For Aged care administrators, prepaid cards can bring peace of mind when more critical matters require attention.

Benefits of prepaid cards:

  • Cleaner than cash
  • Better option than cash which can be easily stolen or lost
  • With more shops preferring contactless payment, prepaid cards purchases are simply “tap and pay”
  • Can be single-load or reloadable depending on use
  • Secure and convenient
  • Easily ordered and managed

Our Prepaid Card solutions can help you ease the administration and operational tasks of your aged care facility, so you can attend to those who need you most.


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