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How to double the value of your prepaid gift card at the Boxing Day sales

How to double the value of your prepaid gift card at the Boxing Day sales

Double the spending power of your prepaid gift card by shopping on Australia’s best bargain day – Boxing Day, 26 December. The year’s biggest day of trade for retailers, it’s the time to use a gift card and make it go further.

Almost every retailer will have something on sale, often at half-price or better, and unlike the midyear stock take sales it all starts on the one day and continues into 2019.

The traditional Boxing Day sales phenomenon has become the perfect occasion to make your gift card go further than its face value.

How can I maximise my prepaid gift card’s value?

Waiting for the Boxing Day sales will ensure you get extra value from your prepaid gift card.

For example, you are given a prepaid gift card as a Christmas gift from your employer. You want to spend it on something special so decide to use it on famous brand fashion you can wear on Christmas Day and impress your friends and family. What you buy is the same value as the gift card, so you feel that it is well spent and you enjoy the compliments on Christmas Day.

The week after Christmas, you are looking for a bargain at the Boxing Day sales and notice the brand you bought has been discounted by 50 per cent. You realise that you could have bought another fashion item as well, using the gift card and in effect doubling its spending power.

Avoid the disappointment of buyer’s remorse over buying a full price product when you could have paid less. Wait for the sales to make the most of your gift card’s value. Set yourself a reminder to wait for the sales as timing is everything in the fast-paced retail world.

Are the Boxing Day sales worth waiting for?

Many retailers reserve stock for the Boxing Day sales as the retail event has become the most popular day for shopping in Australia. With discounts ranging from 25 per cent to 80 per cent off, it’s easy to see why shoppers find it worth waiting for.

In the $2.4 billion post-Christmas sales spree Australians are likely to spend around $955 on average over the holiday season, according to ASIC’s MoneySmart website. In previous years Aussies have saved over $600 million by making their purchases on Boxing Day as opposed to other days of the year. (Saving based on a minimum discount of 25 per cent on merchandise sold on Boxing day including fashion items, electronics, appliances and homewares.)

According to the Australian Retailers Association, last year’s results during the extended Boxing Day sales period showed spending of $2.7 billion on household goo