Incentivise & reward your customers & employees with Prepaid Gift Cards

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Reward Your Employees with a Corporate Prepaid Card for Christmas

What makes employees happy? Employees who are more engaged, loyal and creative say they feel appreciated for the work they do, they have pride in their organisation and believe they are treated fairly.

According to a recent study (1) commissioned by recruitment specialists Robert Half, simply appreciating an employee’s work can make a difference.

When planning for end of year gifts, bonuses and commissions for staff to show your appreciation, the ideal reward is a prepaid gift card. Rated the most preferred reward by employees, a gift card provides an opportunity for staff to buy their own gift of something they value. A branded and personalised gift card from Corporate Prepaid Cards is a reminder that it is a gift from your company each time it is used. Staff feel valued as individuals when they are rewarded with a prepaid gift card from their employer.

Happiness expert and founder of London-based company Happiness Works, Nic Marks says happiness is the ‘quality of experiences in our everyday work—essentially, whether we are feeling good and doing well’.

He says there are three core emotions that indicate happiness at the workplace and help expand thinking and awareness, making employees more creative: 

  1. Enthusiasm helps people create and seize opportunities
  2. Interest helps them commit to challenging tasks
  3. Contentment helps employees reflect on their successes and repeat what went well.

Employees are happier in a positive working environment. It may seem trivial but offering a sincere thank you for a job well done has much greater motivational impact than many people realise. Staff like to be recognised for their hard work and dedication. Assuming they are happy if there are no problems, can be discouraging.

And it’s not just the new recruits who benefit from being recognised and praised for their efforts. Long-term employees also like to hear constructive feedback, not only when issues arise.

An end of year gift will be appreciated before staff go on annual leave or just have time off over the Christmas break. A prepaid gift card is proven to be a powerful motivator for loyal employees who are essential for a company’s success.

No one enjoys an unwanted gift, and the versatility of gift cards is what makes them popular and always valued as they empower staff. The 2017 Corporate Gift IQ Survey by Incentive Magazine shows gift cards are regarded as the ‘best gift’ by recipients and have become the most frequently used corporate gift, included in up to 60 per cent of programs. Research shows that recipients rate gift cards as the most popular of all gifts, the gift that is always appreciated!