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Test drive a new car and pocket $100 for the experience

Bluetooth, sat nav, precision braking, active crash avoidance, cruise control, paddle shifters and seat heater – a new car features a tantalising range of technology. And car buyers are looking for more – they want all the latest devices plus safety and comfort as well as the emotional high of feeling they love their new car.

Try and buy

Up-selling brand-loyal customers to the latest model is a challenge for dealerships looking for ways to persuade drivers to ‘try it and buy it’.

Persuasive ‘try and buy’ promotions are key to encouraging a driver to take a test drive – a deal-maker or deal-breaker experience in considering the purchase of a new car. And in the incentive mix is the promise of a gift card, to spend on whatever you like – after you’ve experienced the pleasure of a test drive.

Revving up the test drive with a gift card

What driver wouldn’t take up an offer of $100 to test drive a new car?

A major car brand partnered with Corporate Prepaid Gift Cards to successfully promote the test drive/gift card experience as a buyer incentive.

Vehicle owners who had previously bought a branded vehicle were 50% more likely to accept an invitation to test drive a new model of the same brand when offered a $100 eftpos gift card as an incentive.

The test drive invitation was a successful marketing initiative that resulted in more test drives than previous campaigns with the potential to upgrade to a new model of the same brand. The zero-balance gift card came with the promise of being loaded with $100 once they booked and attended a test drive of the new model.

Reversing the decline in sales

With the new car market experiencing a 7.8% sales decline during July 2018 compared with the same month last year, vehicle sales franchises are looking to persuade existing owners to move up to a new model.

According to the latest data released by the Australian motor industry’s statistical service VFACTS, the new car sector experienced a lean July, with total recorded sales of 85,551, down from 92,754 for the same month in 2017. ^

Passenger car sales fell by 20.2% and Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV) by 1.0 % in comparison with the same month last year. Two light commercial vehicles again led the market for the month, the Toyota Hilux posting sales of 3,747 and the second-placed Ford Ranger with 2,950 sales.

Inviting potential purchasers to test drive a car that is a step up from their existing vehicle is a proven strategy to halt the sales decline. 

The pulling power of a gift

The incentive program designed by Corporate Prepaid Gift Cards, proved the pulling power of a gift to prompt consumer behaviour. The eftpos cards were selected as a desirable incentive for potential new car customers as they could be custom-branded and sent to potential customers with zero balance – the $100 to be loaded once the test drive was completed.