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How to use prepaid gift cards as a retention tool


Discounts, buy one get one free, cashbacks, gift with purchase are some of the many ways to attract current and new customers.  However, they require a generous amount of money spent on advertising, signage, EDM’s and so on.

They are still great ways to entice customers to spend, but there are much more economical and enticing ways.

One of the most cost effective and simplest ways to save money on marketing is to use a retention tool.

Corporate Prepaid Cards

Giftcards have always been very appealing to consumers, they give people the freedom to buy what they want wrapped up in a wallet sized package.

Our Mastercard, Visa and eftpos cards are one of the leading retention tools preferred by our current and new clients.

Hold off on spending a copious amount of money on advertising; try our method of getting your name out there and see how little it actually costs. 

We tend to forget that word of mouth is our best advertising tool, as word of mouth usually comes from someone you trust or a complete stranger who has used your product/services before and are giving your company the best unpaid sales pitch.  Well semi unpaid, as the first step is to entice current and new customers to start using your product/services or to continue using them for the long haul.  This all starts from a simple gift card.

Prepaid cards as a retention tool…. How?

Quite easy actually, make them an offer that they won’t want to refuse, an offer that they see as a reward or bonus for their continued support or to gain new support.

Say you are a wholesaler or supplier in the heath & beauty industry, you give each salon a reloadable Visa card and any time they spend over a certain amount set by you, they are rewarded with a money bonus transferred to their gift card.  It really is a win win situation.

Maybe you are selling a service, and want to encourage more customers to use your service.  Here is where word of mouth works best; you offer your current customers a single load eftpos card if they refer a friend.  If that friend signs up, your current and new customers both receive the gift card.  Who doesn’t love a monetary gift?

There is no limit on ways you can use our gift cards as a retention tool and we are here to help you with the best strategies to use.

Have a read through our case studies

Advertising using people power

As we mentioned above, word of mouth is a powerful tool, one that often gets overlooked in favour of big spend media spots that often don’t drive as much business as you would hope.  The fact anyone can spend money to produce an ad, loses the trust factor which most people tend to be drawn to.

When your customers receive a gift card from you, the first thing they will notice is your company logo or an image that represents your specialties. This small card becomes a sub conscious selling device.

This card becomes a pocket-sized billboard and will soon be shared with other retailers as soon as the customer begins spending. 

Your every day Joe is handing over that mini billboard to another Joe every time they make a transaction at a retailer.  Small talk is a given in customer service, and this is what starts to build a fleeting but familiar relationship between two people where a certain amount of trust forms.

That image represents your business is now on the mind of the retailer and will most likely progress with questions about said business.  Even if the conversation does not get to that point, your brand is still on their mind.

These two strangers have something in common, they aren’t there to sell your product, they have no hidden agenda, they now have a certain trust between each other, and your product has just sold itself.

Use people power as your advertisement tool, we converse with different humans every day, whether it be out socially or using social media.  Let them do the legwork for you, because that every day Joe is the person we all trust.

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