Incentivise & reward your customers & employees with Prepaid Gift Cards

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What’s your brand? Remind your customers with a custom designed prepaid card

The way a company brands itself is everything – it will ultimately decide whether or not a business survives. – Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin brand.

Is your brand working for you?

Your brand is one of your company’s major assets, promoting your values and reinforcing customer and employee loyalty. Is your brand top of mind with your most valuable customers?

International research company Interbrand assesses and ranks global brands.^ They claim strong brands:

  • influence customer choice
  • create loyalty
  • attract, retain, and motivate staff.

Understand the power of your brand

Understanding the power of your company’s brand can open up new opportunities for customer loyalty and staff retention. Take some pointers from Australia’s top 100 most valuable brands^^ when you are thinking of promoting your brand.

Manage your brand to maximise its value to your most valuable customers. Keep it top of mind in every interaction.

Link feel good moments to your brand

While branding has been around for thousands of years, today’s technology allows marketers to delve into data showing the important characteristics of branding and its emotional effects on consumers. How a brand makes you feel is now one of the most important attributes as consumers make choices based primarily on emotional instinct.

 Emotional branding uses the consumer’s ability to process messages to promote a significant feeling of well-being that becomes associated with the brand.

Feelings and emotions lie at the heart of emotive brand strategies. Associating your brand with ‘feel-good’ moments like gift purchase can be part of your marketing strategy.

Customised prepaid card options

Promote your brand with ‘feel-good’ moments and generate brand equity. Corporate Prepaid Cards offer custom branded prepaid gift cards and flexible card options. Your brand will be recognised every time the card is used.

You can decide what card you prefer –  Mastercard, Visa or eftpos – and what type of value you want –  Single-load, Reloadable or Zero balance.

Corporate Prepaid Cards make it easy to order

It’s easy to get started on a custom branded gift card progra