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6 Steps to Motivate Business Employees

how to motivate employees

6 Steps to Motivate Business Employees

Employee motivation plays a significant role to the success of a business.  Their level of motivation will not only impact their own potential to what they can achieve but also to the company’s overall productivity and efficiency.  A highly enthusiastic team can also create a positive working culture.

Current working conditions are facing challenges to keep employees motivated. Recent research showed that 68% of working Australians have had a ‘change to their employment’ due to the COVID-19 global pandemic. Factors causing these changes included “working from home” and “an increase in work hours”. Such disruption can affect an employee’s motivation and productivity.

A prepaid gift card is a proven powerful motivator tool to help maintain employee satisfaction and commitment.

Here are six steps we recommend to motivate employees:


Build Team Communication and Engagement

A survey asked “What motivates you to excel and go that extra mile at your organisation?” to over 200,000 employees at more than 500 organisations. The most frequent answer at 20% was “Camaraderie, peer motivation.”

A sense of belonging and involvement not only motivate staff to stay productive but also encourage teamwork and support for fellow colleagues, creating a positive work environment.

Taking advantage of modern technology like video apps, and instant chat software enables staff to encourage daily communication and interaction. Using such technologies to emphasise positive messages are just as vital as checking in on daily progress.


Show Recognition and Give Rewards

Employees not only want to be recognised for their achievements; they also want to feel valued by their organisation.

A financial services organisation needed an efficient process to reward its sales team members with commission when reaching sales targets. On a monthly basis, commission funds were loaded onto a branded Visa reloadable card, giving team members a continuing sense of achievement.

The card would become a billboard in their wallet, reminding them of the team they work in, making them feel part of the camaraderie and giving them extra pride in their work.


Offer Flexibility

A recent survey showed that 80% of Australians would more likely stay with an existing employer if teleworking and telecommuting was offered, demonstrating that work flexibility has become increasingly important for employees with regard to job satisfaction.

To keep employees motivated despite the physical distance, Corporate Prepaid Cards provides an instant solution to recognise teleworkers for outstanding performance and commitment.

A leading fast food company required readily available cards to give as on-the-spot rewards for extraordinary employees. The recognition helped increase positive results in the workplace and boost team morale. It also served to encourage staff to go above and beyond, and to think outside the box in order to earn one of the gift cards.


Get Employees Excited with Further Training and Career Development

While business may experience quiet periods during the pandemic, managers and business owners take advantage of this extra time to offer further training.

An open discussion with an employee about their career aspirations, and offering suggestions on how to reach them, can be compelling for the organisation’s own growth and profitability.

Offering online courses is also a great option. There are effective, low-cost sites such as Udemy and Coursera which offer courses from everything from improving copywriting, learning digital design to the basics of excel! Alternatively, internal training can be cost-free and gives your staff hands on experience in another area of the business.


Encourage Upkeep of Health and Wellbeing

Whether working from home or the office, work stress can take a physical and mental toll on employees, which in turn effects levels of motivation.

Some ideas to help staff maintain their health and wellbeing as a priority may be:

  • Encourage staff to take short breaks throughout the day, where they step away from their desk and into the outdoors
  • Have catch up calls while you are both outdoors or on a walk
  • Offer online classes like yoga, meditation or a workout class


Express and Show Your Appreciation

Appreciation and thanks from management is always welcome and remembered. Whether it be for many years of services or extraordinary work on a project, employees want to feel valued for their achievements and work performance.

A large energy company had been rewarding employee tenure milestones with gifts from a merchandise catalogue. Chosen products would often be out of stock or delayed in delivery, leaving the employee and Human Resources team frustrated.

Turning to Corporate Prepaid Cards for a simple rewards program, the Human Resources team were able to instantly order Visa Prepaid cards, allowing employees to buy whatever they wanted. Funds didn’t disappear into household items or bills, instead they were used for special occasions and luxury items.


Prepaid Cards: The Proven Powerful Tool for Employee Motivation

Companies and organisations turn to Corporate Prepaid Card as their preferred option to reward, encourage and motivate employees because:

  • 95% of employees prefer prepaid cards as a form of reward.
  • Employees can buy whatever they like from wherever they choose with 37 million stores worldwide and online that accept Visa/Mastercard.
  • 90% of recipients remember what they did or achieved to earn the reward.
  • 80% of recipients prefer a gift card as cash will only be used for general household funds.
  • Unlike retailer cards, employees are not restricted to purchasing from a particular store or retailer or limited to only buying from a store when it is open.
  • Cards can easily and quickly be delivered to teleworkers or telecommuters living in remote areas via email.


Mastercard/Visa Zero Balance Cards

 Zero Balance allows employers to arrange rewards and recognition programs for employees quickly and with ease while staying to a budget.

Other benefits of the Zero Balance Cards include:

  • The Visa/Mastercard Zero Balance allows funds to be loaded only when required, helping with a company’s cash flow
  • Provide company cost efficiencies when buying in bulk and loading funds later
  • Saving time as the card is readily available for funds to be loaded
  • Providing a high value incentive for the employee but not loaded until required
  • Cards have a longer life


Keep Staff Happy and Incentivised

 Monitoring employee satisfaction is no longer a tricky exercise. Corporate Prepaid Cards not only lets staff know they’re an asset to the organisation, the recognition the cards provide allows them to feel valued every time they look at their wallet. 

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