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When speed is important, choose virtual gift cards

When speed is important, choose virtual gift cards

There’s a new low-cost, easy way to reward your staff and customers with the virtual gift card. Easy to set up, secure and convenient, virtual gift cards have all the advantages of traditional gift cards in a new digital format for mobile technology.

Designed to meet the needs of today’s digital marketing, virtual gift cards are ideal for:

  • renewal and reactivation campaigns 
  • customer complaint
  • goodwill programs
  • strategic marketing
  • when brand in important as you can brand these.

Now available from Corporate Prepaid Gift Cards, virtual gift cards are easy to order, easy to send and easy to use, making them the gift of choice for mobile-savvy consumers.


Quick claims go virtual

Virtual gift cards are the ideal solution for quick claims marketing when you want to deliver an instant reward for customers. Designed for low-cost rewards for customers who complete a survey, register on your database, or promote your organisation on social media.


Speedy delivery

When timing is important, the virtual gift card is speedy to redeem and has the added advantage of showing that your organisation is innovative and moving with the times.


Safe and secure

Virtual gift cards are designed for shopping online as they are not linked to a bank account or credit facility. The recipient won’t need to worry about misplacing or losing an actual gift card as it will always be available via their mobile.


Easy to order

With easy ordering through the Corporate Prepaid Client portal, businesses can order any quantity with no minimum order and any denomination up to $500.


Customised virtual cards

With our customised Virtual Card program, you are in control of the card design, so they can be used to promote your brand as well as promote that feel-good impression to your most important clients and employees.

The easy-to-use design tool makes it straightforward for you to design your own Virtual Gift Card with your own branding or select from one of our five standard card designs.


Personalise and send

Whether you are considering a customer reward program or renewal campaign, a Virtual Gift Card can be a low cost solution. Corporate Prepaid Virtual Gift Cards offer an end-to-end program that makes it easy for you. Check out these benefits:

  • Low cost.
  • Easy to administer through the CPC portal.
  • Design your own virtual card or select from our our range of existing virtual cards. .
  • No minimum order.
  • Emails to recipients are sent by CPC on your behalf.


How can I use a virtual gift card in marketing?

Integrate the virtual card option into your marketing mix. It’s quick, easy and designed for immediate reward.

Designed as a low-cost reward for:

  • Online marketing, surveys or promotions. 
  • Response to customer complaints or disputes.
  • Travel or insurance claims.
  • Social media activity.
  • Registering or joining a reward program.
  • One-off rewards for employees.


Is a virtual gift card the same as an actual gift card?

  • Virtual gift cards have the advantage of putting the recipient in control of their gift. Virtual gift cards:
  • Can’t be lost or misplaced as happens with some actual gift cards.
  • No delay in receiving the virtual card as it is delivered by email, not by post.
  • Activating the virtual card is quick and easy.
  • Secure and easy to use, safe for shopping online as it is not linked to a bank account or credit facility.

To find out more about how you can use virtual gift cards in your marketing program, email Corporate Prepaid Gift Cards on [email protected]. For more details phone 1300 181 032 or visit


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