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Gift cards: the perfect office gift

A great gift for any employee

The festive season has well and truly begun. Choosing the right gifts for the office can be a frantic task! However, it’s crucial to get it right and keep your team happy. Here are the reasons why the Corporate Gift Card is the perfect office gift for colleagues and employees

One perfect gift for every employee

Trying to find the one standard gift that will appeal to all staff members is no easy feat for any CEO or senior manager. On the other hand, arranging individual gifts can create office tension and even animosity. The Corporate Gift Card avoids embarrassment of choosing the wrong or inappropriate gift as it will cater to everyone’s Christmas wishes.

Whatever the Christmas budget is this year, simply choose the same amount value for all gift cards and avoid any discrepancies. No doubt, your employees will appreciate the generosity as well as being rewarded equally.

Whether the gift card recipient wants to use their card on a new household appliance or simply as spending money for their next holiday, the choice is entirely up to them. They will be grateful for being given the option.

Personal and thoughtful

Gift cards and vouchers are becoming more of a common gift that can also be perceived as lacking in thought or care. In contrast, there are several options to creating a Corporate Gift Card that is unique and thoughtful.

Whether choosing a generic design from the Christmas Card range, or creating a card with the company logo, the added personal touch of the Corporate Gift Card encourages your staff members to splurge a little (or a lot!) on themselves this Christmas. Give them the recognition they deserve for the past year’s hard work and efforts.

Easy and simple

It’s the simple gifts that are the most memorable. The Corporate Gift Card is a one-stop shop that’s easy and fast to order. To make an even bigger impact, Christmas gift wallets are also available to beautifully package the gift card. Once your order is placed, the gift cards can either be sent to your office or individually to your recipients.

Ultimate flexibility, wider use

Your employees and colleagues want nothing more than flexibility. As it can be used anywhere in Australia that accepts Mastercard, Visa or eftpos, the Corporate Gift Card allows them to spend anywhere at any time of the day they desire. Checking the card balance and transactions is done easily either online or by phone.

No more unwanted gifts

With the growing concern for the environment and increase in plastic waste, you don’t want employees grumbling about the company’s disregard to genuine and environmentally friendly presents. The Corporate Gift Card avoids disappointment of useless or unwanted gifts. Let your employees and colleagues be their own Santa this year. Offer them the special and rare opportunity of choice.

Employee satisfaction is the key to a strong team that drives a successful business. A team member’s daily contribution can easily be taken for granted. Loyalty and hard work can easily be overlooked throughout the year.

The Corporate Gift Card is the perfect Christmas gift solution that keeps employees and colleagues motivated. What better way to ring in the new year than having happy staff in the office!

To see our Corporate Gift Card Christmas card range, head over to and order by 10th of December for Christmas delivery guarantee!


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