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How to make the most of e-Prepaid Mastercards and Digital Prepaid Mastercards

Whatever your occasion, there are many wonderful options out there for rewarding your staff, customers and clients but if you really want to create a memorable experience in-between life’s greatest moments, why not consider Prepaid Mastercard / Visa and Store Gift Cards.

It might not be the obvious choice at first, but prepaid cards are a popular choice of gift, surging in Australia over the years as Australians shift away from purchasing only physical gifts. A prepaid gift card is also a proven powerful motivator tool to help maintain employee satisfaction and commitment.

Now, the two most popular choices are none other than the Prepaid Mastercard / visa and  Store Gift cards. The prepaid Mastercard / Visa card can be used anywhere VISA or Mastercard is accepted worldwide which is loaded with a certain amount of money, to be used repeatedly. Unlike Prepaid Mastercard / visa, store gift cards can only be used at the specific store or retail group it was originally purchased from.

But is one actually better than the other? Here are some of the notable differences between gift cards and prepaid cards if you’re tossing up between the two:

Flexibility / Usability:

Store Gift cards: Can be used at the store or group you purchased from.

Prepaid Mastercard / Visa: These cards are super flexible, with the power to be used anywhere in store or online at over 37 million outlets worldwide. As long as it accepts VISA or Mastercard – you’re good to go!

Single load / reloadable:

Store Gift cards: These cards can only be loaded once, with an expiration date.

Prepaid Mastercard / Visa: Perfect cards to reward and recognise your staff and customers.

Whether your business requires single-load prepaid cards for client, staff or customer gifting and incentives, or requires reloadable prepaid cards for staff expenses to replace petty cash or monthly staff commissions – there’s a prepaid card to suit your need.

Security / risk:

Store Gift cards: This one can be a riskier option given the volatile market. There have been instances of businesses like Topshop or Napoleon Perdis going into liquidation as a result. It’s important to do your research prior to committing down this route. 

Prepaid Mastercard / visa: On the flipside, with prepaid cards, you have the flexibility to use it anywhere worldwide. 


Store Gift cards: These are typically limited and customised to the retailers own branding.

Prepaid Mastercard / visa: Our cards from Corporate Prepaid Cards can be customised with your business logo and tailored to your custom branded designs. This memorable experience makes it more powerful than cash or store cards as branded prepaid cards will ultimately elevate the card holders experience with the brand. Just imagine someone opening their wallet every time and seeing the prepaid gift card in your brand? Pretty special right.

Where to buy a prepaid Mastercard, Visa or Eftpos?


Fun fact: Mastercard, Visa and Eftpos cards are twice as popular as cash and store cards and 4 times more desirable than receiving merchandise. Reason being the recipient has freedom and flexibility to shop as they please from their choice of store. Say goodbye to unwanted gifts or cash being spent on other household items and bills.

Corporate Prepaid Cards is the leading prepaid card provider in Australia, and have been providing Visa, Mastercard and Eftpos gift cards for over 14-years. Some of our guaranteed benefits below:

  • Excellent customer service with an Australian based team, ready to help you when you need
  • Save money and time with our leading customer self-serving portal, enabling you to order prepaid cards as and when you need them
  • Strong brand reinforcement and fully customisable
  • Quick and seamless experience with a turnaround of 24 hours if required

Let us help you find the right corporate prepaid gift card for your business. Simply request a quote here and we’ll do the rest.


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