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How to make the most of e-Prepaid Mastercards and Digital Prepaid Mastercards

Making sure customers happy and employees are motivated is the top priority for businesses. Whether the objective is to generate sales or build team morale, businesses are using Prepaid Cards to stay on track and organised.  As a last-minute gift for staff, clients and partners, Virtual Prepaid Mastercards are simple and eliminate stress. Delivered instantly once the order is approved, it’s great for prepaid cards you need to send fast.   


We take a closer look at the benefits for both businesses sending them and the lucky recipients. Virtual Prepaid Mastercards are the perfect solution for:  

  • Staff rewards 
  • Corporate gifts 
  • Online survey incentives 
  • Expense reimbursements 
  • Loyalty and acquisition programs 


Why Choose Virtual Prepaid Mastercard? 

When time and choices are limited, coming up with new, innovative ideas for the right staff reward or client incentive can be difficult. Virtual Prepaid Mastercards are perfect because:

  • Ordering Virtual Prepaid Mastercard Packages from Corporate Prepaid Cards is quick and easy. Our team will ensure the cards are sent securely and on time for you.   
  • Available in any denomination up to $500, e-Prepaid Cards can be sent in a customised email of your choice. Not only will recipients appreciate the personal message but they can use the card immediately after activation. 
  • Whether ordering Virtual Prepaid Cards in bulk or as a one-off, there is no minimum order quantity. 
  • Cost effective with a simple ordering process, Virtual Prepaid Mastercard can suit any budget.  


Staff rewards 

As the preferred reward by majority of employees, Virtual Prepaid Mastercards are a proven powerful motivation tool. When exceptional job performance is spotted by a manager or supervisor, sending an e-Prepaid Card provides immediate employee recognition. Employees feel valued and will appreciate being promptly acknowledged for their hard work. 


Employees located in remote locations who regularly purchase online are also rewarded instantly. Virtual Prepaid Mastercards help close the challenge of distance, boosting team morale. 


Corporate gifts 

Avoid wasting time and money with corporate catalogue gifts and merchandise.  When it comes to finding the appropriate corporate gift, sending an e-Prepaid Mastercard shows employees, clients and partners how much they’re valued. Recipients will appreciate being able to buy whatever they want, wherever Mastercard is accepted. 


Sending custom designed cards with your company logo or fully custom branded design will leave a lasting impact and positive brand awareness. Recipients will always remember why they received their card. 


Online survey incentives  

Virtual Prepaid Mastercards make it easier to achieve desired customer behaviour such as completing online survey incentives.  As a low value reward, e-Prepaid Cards are an influential digital marketing tool. Customers are attracted to the immediate incentive and love not being tied to one retailer, which is the case with store gift cards. With e-Prepaid Cards, businesses are able to gain valuable customer feedback while potentially generating new sales.  


Expense reimbursements  

When it comes to business travel or off-site projects, employees may occasionally be compelled to make one-off adhoc work-related purchases. Once the receipts and paperwork is approved, the Accounts Department can send a Virtual Prepaid Card instead of cash. Providing a quicker solution for expense reimbursements, employees no longer need to experience long waiting periods for reimbursed funds. 


Loyalty and acquisition programs 

You’ve got the customers but want to drive engagement and build loyalty. For renewals, subscriptions and reactivation campaigns, offering a Virtual Prepaid Card will result in a faster call to action from customers. When the desired outcome is achieved, customers are promptly rewarded with an e-Prepaid Cards thanking them for their loyalty and patronage.  


When customer service or product errors happen, Virtual Prepaid Cards offer customers an instant apology and a genuine gesture of goodwill.  


Create Virtual Prepaid Mastercard Packages in Four Easy Steps 

Taking out all the complications and complexities, ordering and purchasing Virtual Prepaid Mastercard Packages from Corporate Prepaid Cards is a straightforward process and can be ordered in four easy steps. The choice is there to either create your own design or choose from our own available range of designs. 


Our self-serve client portal makes takes the pressure from making last minute orders for remote locations possible. Card recipients receive their Virtual Card with an accompanied customised email with important card information. They will also receive a customised message, leaving a lasting and positive impression.  


Introducing Digital Prepaid Mastercards 

Just when you thought prepaid cards couldn’t be delivered any faster, guess what? The Digital Prepaid Mastercard can be sent instantly via SMS to mobile phones. It’s the perfect solution for employee rewards, incentives, commission payments, ‘thank you’ gifts and much more.  


Whether you’re sending to customers, clients or employees, the lucky recipient can simply add their Digital Prepaid Mastercard to their phone wallet – Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay.  Within seconds, the Digital Prepaid Mastercard is ready to be used anywhere Mastercard Prepaid Cards are accepted, both instore and online! Clients and employees will not only appreciate their digital gift, they will love the convenience of quick and easy card activation, ready for immediate use. And it’s all simply done from their mobile phone. 


Choose from our selection of card types for your business needs 

The Digital Prepaid Mastercard has different options for different business requirements. It’s just a matter of choosing the right card for your business.  

  • Single Load: Perfect for one time only occasions like work tenure milestones, high achievement awards and special team recognition rewards. Also used as a goodwill gesture for customer service mistakes. Instantly mends the relationship!  
  • Reloadable: Ideal for sales commissions and reimbursement for business expenses. Also a great incentive to encourage customer desired behaviour such as increase brand loyalty and retailer or store preference. 
  • Reloadable Digital Card and Plastic Card: Broaden your recipient’s choice by sending both. When they don’t have their phone handy, they can simply reach for their plastic card. And vice versa. 


Virtual Prepaid Mastercard or Digital Prepaid Mastercard?  

As they say, it’s better to have many choices than none at all. So which one is more suited for your business? Here’s our simple comparison to help you decide:


The e-Prepaid Mastercard is: 

  • Sent by email instantly to your recipients inbox.  
  • Accompanied with a customised message.  
  • Designed by Virtual Card Creator for your own branded card and/or branded email  
  • Can be used anywhere online where Mastercard Prepaid Cards are accepted 
  • Load up to $500 


The Digital Prepaid Mastercard is: 

  • Sent by SMS instantly, ready to add to the recipients Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay phone wallet 
  • Accompanied with your personalised message 
  • Available in 6 card designs  
  • Can be used instore AND online, anywhere that Mastercard Prepaid Cards are accepted 
  • Load up to $9,999 


Avoid last minute stress and start gaining the immediate benefits of Virtual Prepaid Mastercards for your business. Both the Virtual Prepaid Mastercard and Digital Prepaid Mastercards offer a wide range of options and choice, making ordering easier for you. Request a quote today or call us on 1300 181 032. 


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